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    Swift Booking is a web-based appointment booking system. It enables spas, salons and other appointment-based businesses to accept and manage customer bookings through a clean, user-friendly interface.

    The brief

    Many of our clients ask us how they can include an appointment booking system in their website. However, there are very few third-party systems offering value for money, with some suppliers charge over £200 per month. So we set ourselves our own brief to develop a booking system which would meet the needs of our clients.

    The approach

    Our approach was to create a simple yet powerful booking system. The concept throughout was to have a clean, user-friendly interface with the fewest number of steps required to book an appointment whilst still providing the spa owner with sufficient information about customers.

    The result

    Swift Booking is now fully operational and can be customised to meet the needs of sole proprietors or business wanted to manage complex bookings across a large number of staff with different skills. The software is available via swiftbooking.co.uk with fair pricing. Alternatively, we can integrate the software into our clients’ websites which means customers will not have to leave your website to make a booking, and allows the client to manage all bookings from their own website.

    Click here to visit Swift Booking